Graverobber’s Demise

An old myth regarding a rather wealthy human family spurs up again and is the talk of the town after an adventurous party of men did not return from finding the crypt. There is a supposed unique gem that has magical properties that the Sonadao family used to generate income by providing memorial services to the surrounding villages. After it was revealed that the head of the family, Eroktor Sonadao, used the bodies for necromantic rituals, they were exiled. No one knows where they settled, but their treasured gem attracts many grave robbers.

This 4-5 hour adventure for a 3rd-4rth level party brings many creepy phenomena together but keeps it lighthearted. Together with artist Cadeebo, who created the art for Eroktor Sonadao, this adventure was created for players to have the chance to do a small dungeon delve between major plot point or can be run as a standalone one-shot.

Together with two maps for this adventure, along with DM maps

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