Somnus Domina: The Sword Saint (5e Class)

Sword saints are warriors who walk the path already taken by another, looking to achieve such legendary skill that they, too, will be remembered by history. The true sword saints of the past were figures who achieved a level of skill beyond mastery in their craft. Though modern practitioners call themselves sword saints, this is only to draw a parallel between themselves and these heroes.

In practice, they would usually only call themselves warriors, fighters, samurai, or otherwise. It is unbecoming for them to address themselves as sword saints unless they are arrogant, but this does not always stop them. ‘Phantom saint’ is a term they commonly use, describing their emulation of an ancient swordmaster’s lifestyle, combat skills and practices until they come truly into their own.

As a class the sword saint relies heavilyon their resource, focus points, to perform a variety of techniques that help them to adapt to any situation. They rely on focus techniques, which each path of devotion features unique version and variants of. 

The subclasses for the sword saint are based upon legendary mythological fighters who were the prolific swordsman or warriors of their time. There are a total of seven subclasses based on figures like Miamoto Musashi, Tomoe Gozen, Honda Tadakatsu and more. 

If you’re a player who values versatility and is looking for a samurai-lite flavor to your character this class is absolutely for you. It will recieve support in the future, with more subclasses, items, NPCs, etc being developed for future releases to work with the class.

(The sword saint class was made for the Nat19: Vestige of Ophiuchus D&d 5E stream on Twitch, streamed every Saturday at 1 PM PST on the Nat19Official channel. Come join us if you’d like to see it in action!)

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