Space Hussar (Base Class)


  • The Hussar Base Class: Little Red’s adaptation of the classic cavalry soldier into a sci-fi setting!
  • 7 Causes: Fight for something you really believe in, and draw strength from your resolve! From religion and justice to revenge and knight errantry, we’re sure to have a cause your hussar can get behind!
  • 20 Cavalry Tactics: You know how to hold your own in a fight! Learn how to make the most of your training with new ways to use your jetpack, improve your charge attacks, or aid your allies!
  • 10+ Equipment Mods: There are many jetpacks out there, but this one is yours! Change it up with speed boosts, autopilot programs, and stealth baffling!


  • 12 Pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 9 content)
  • PDF Optimized
  • Original Art by Rui Ferreira!

This product is priced at $4.99


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