Storm Realm of Giants (Part 02) – Map Pack

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Here’s the second part.

“The disparity between King Adbar’s army and the menace atop Thunder Peak is tremendous. An entire army, devastated at the hands of Storm Giants within a single day’s passing. The Storm Giants were known for their ferocious might, but little did we know their power ran this deep. Before, the Giants had little conflict with the other races.

Rumor has it that there’s a new Storm King on the rise.

Twenty-two days ago, a distinct thunder roared the sky, and since then, their brutes have been laying waste to our lands, greedily taking whatever they find for themselves. The elderly and children were not spared of ill fates.

You, together with a small band of professionals are tasked to infiltrate deep into their mountains to rid the kingdom of their cruelty. You sneak your way into their den and notice that the Storm Giants use these strange crystals to condense thunderous energy– as if to capture its essence of power. A large electric current runs deep within the dark crevices of the cave. No wonder these foes are so powerful!

They are not only powerful, they are also cruel. Cruel to their own kind even, as you witness a Storm Giant grabbing his ‘friend’ firmly and throwing him down the deep pit. An electric charge of that amount… not even a Giant can resist that.”

~ I’m hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for part two later this month!


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