The Warlord Class

A dragonborn knight of the old world stands before her peasant levies, she delivers a rousing speech as the soldiers cheer and holler, determined to bring death to their enemies in the wild forest at the edge of the noble barony. A messenger enters the admirals’ quarters and hands his missives to a middle-aged human in a tight dress-jacket. The admiral unfurls and reads the emperor’s orders; attack. Rising to his feet, the admiral enters the gun-deck and orders his elite crew to prepare for battle. A party of adventures finds themselves lost in the forest, unsure of where to go, and when the monstrous Ankheg emerges from the ground, their grizzled veteran commander shouts orders getting everyone into position. Spreading them out to avoid its acid spray.

Whatever their style of leadership, combat prowess or origins, warlords focus on improving their fellow party members in combat and shifting the battlefield in their favor. Most warlords have experience in a military organization of some description, some served leading the city watch, others maybe even led units into a war.

Every warlord radiates a different presence, a way they carry themselves and command their fellow combatants, each presence changes the very nature battlefield considerably. Warlord Presences included in the class are two; the Chieftain’s Presence and the Tactician’s Presence.

Play a Warlord if you want to…

  • feel like a grizzled war veteran, or an armchair general
  • help your friends in battle, and make them feel stronger.
  • give your fellow adventurers advice on tactics.

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