Vampire, Twentieth Anniversary Edition: The Classical Age

  The world of AD 62 is completely new for vampires. There has never been so much organization, but there has never been so much belief. Mortals know that supernatural creatures can exist and any misstep will surely cause the death of vampires. The clans cannot reach a multiple agreement and the fight is far from over. Nero’s madness is just beginning, as his recent discovery of Cain’s descendants has only put to the test that even great elders can fall. You have to act fast, before the circus catches fire.

  The War of Clans has never been more present. On the one hand, Ventrue, Toreador and Malkaviano are united looking to maintain their power on Rome. On the other hand, the Brujah clan is struggling to regain its lost status after the fall of Carthage. Gangrel work hard to keep Roman troops occupied while members of the Ravnos clan infiltrate deadly diplomacy in order to delay the triad’s efforts. Lasombra exploit as much as they can in the eastern region of Rome, taking advantage of Ventrue’s lack of dominance and the chaos caused by the endless Tzimisce wars. The Salubri work to control a great plague that has been plaguing the empire, the fruit of Baali’s remnants of Carthage. Meanwhile, the Death clan protects Christians from religious persecution, employed by Rome. Haqim’s absence forced the Assamite clan to move and a search for the clan’s honor is just beginning. Not everything is what it seems, because among the most religious, the Followers of Set still remain in the shadows influencing weak minds. This conflict could not be the same if it were not for the Nosferatu, involving their networks to gain space within civilization.

Vampire, 20th Anniversary Edition: The Classical Age is a game of political and supernatural narrative of vampires, enveloped in a world of darkness capable of bringing hopelessness and disappointment to even the most courageous.

This scenario brings the following news:

  • They feature the 13 Families and 9 bloodlines, expanding the classic world.
  • Contains the story of the vampire families, with different views and versions of the story. Each, detailed in a different way.
  • New qualities, background, characteristics, blood spells, a new system of Disciplines and how to create and adapt new Disciplines and rituals.
  • New rules, scenario details and plot based on the history of the Roman Empire were created, bringing even more depth to every single aspect of the vampire scene.

This product is priced at $15.99


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