Ice Bridge (24×48)

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The ranger has been trying to get his bearings, but has so far been unsuccessful. And then, just when all hope seems lost, they spot a small plume of smoke. Civilizations must be nearby! After a short sprint you make it out of the forest, only to face the next obstacle.

Up ahead you see a small cabin. Between it and you you is a gorge that runs for miles in both directions, 50 feet deep with frigid rapids below. The only way across seems to be a bridge, made of… ice.

The bridge looks fragile, treacherous and slippery. You’ll have to find a way across, or freeze. And make sure not to fall off. 

Just then you all hear a bellowing roar. The giant has found you, and it doesn’t sound happy.

Released under CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

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