Tavern Tales – Mini Adventure: For the Love of a Pirate (5e)

When a former pirate named Yacub learns he’s about the lose the woman of his dreams he asks the PCs for assistance. Can they infiltrate the local lord’s manor, deliver a letter, and reunite two young souls? Or will the capable guards, a meddling mother, and a dastardly noble stop Yacub from finding true love? 

For the Love of a Pirate is designed to accompany Tangible Taverns: The Beached Mermaid and is suitable for four level 3 characters. 

This Tavern Tale includes a map of the manor, three new stat blocks, and more about House Bierjeron. 

Tavern Tales: Mini Adventures are two page 5e compatible adventures designed to accompany various Tangible Taverns by Dire Rugrat Publishing but may be easily inserted into your own tavern or campaign.

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