Across the Planes


Here it is, the flagship edition of the Across the Planes series, the Feywild. 

Welcome to the Feywild, a land of stories, danger, and fey! 

In this book, we take a closer look at the politics, geography, and residents of the Feywild. From the living forest of Everbloom to the gloomy courts of the Feydark, ATP: Feywild shines a light on the places, people, and things that are often overlooked when visiting the planes. Like monsters? Oh yeah, we got monsters, including 3 brand new Archfey. Do you know the Archfey, those things that haven’t been statted in 5e yet? Now they are! To top it all off we have a glorious adventure that takes place in the Feywild! 

Included in this product: 

  • A full gazetteer of the Feywild, with interesting locations, persons, and adventure hooks! 
  • 6 all-new fey monsters, including the Mirage Dragon and 3 new Archfey! 
  • A full 1-20 class: the Atavist! The Atavist is a magician who draws power from the stories and legends of the Feywild and summons one of three unique companions to aid them in battle! 
  • A full adventure set in the Feywild set for a party of 4-5 4th level PCs! 

Pick up Across the Planes: Feywild today and explore the wondrous and esoteric!