CCC-GSP02-03 Maladomini Unleashed

The sequel to the ENNIE AWARD-WINNING ADVENTURE, Stygia Untamed is finally here!

The valkyrie Sigrdri is tasked to free heroic souls bound for Ysgard, but are instead stuck somewhere in different layers of the Nine Hells. Now, she is looking for adventurers to go with her on her final mission: save the Biguri Siblings, a family of valiant earth genasi warriors trapped in Maladomini, the Seventh Layer of Hell. Part Three of Heroes in Nine Hells.

A Four to Six-Hour Adventure for Level 11-16 Characters. Optimized for an Average Party Level of 15.

This product includes the following:

  • PDF file of the adventure (4 Hour Main Adventure + Two 1 Hour Bonus Objectives)
  • Print-friendly PDF file
  • Jpeg file for the map
  • Poster Photo of the cover art

You can play this adventure as a one-shot, a supplement for your Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus game, or play as a continuation of CCC-GSP02-01 Minauros Unchained and CCC-GSP02-02 Stygia Untamed. This adventure is legal for Adventurers League play and is also great for homebrew!

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