Clip-On Support Beams

This set includes a total of 50 models to add support beams to your Dragonlock buildings.
These support beams are compatible with the legacy Village Buildings sets.
Have fun building !

The supports are available in two lenght and clip on to 2 inches and 4 inches tiles. There is also an option to add a supported balcony.

Each support option is made of 3 parts you can print and glue together. You can use filament bits as alignment pins (7-8mm).

Recommended Print Settings :

Use FDG Terrain Profile
.12 or .2 Layer Height
Infill 10%
No supports
The use of a brim (5 mm) is highly advised for tall models

2 inches supports

4 inches supports

Balcony with supports

Render 1

Render 2

Render 3

This product is priced at $6.99


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