Corefinder Design Digest #17: Hidden Speeds

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Stealth, of course, is the biggest. For us, we are explicitly codifying Hide as a move action. You don’t have to move, of course, and in fact you get a bonus when you don’t. But we also lay out exactly how it works.

One you might not think of which can come up a lot, especially in a fantasy game, is how to integrate creatures with multiple kinds of speed. 

As always, we endeavor to provide a clear and succinct answer for each in terms of how we’re going to define it for Corefinder. 


Multiple Speeds: If you have multiple different speeds, effects that reduce or increase your speed affect each of your speeds unless otherwise specified. Terrain effects often affect only one type of speed.

You can split your movement between two speeds as part of the same move action, up to a maximum of one-half of each type of speed you use. For example, if you had a land speed of 30 feet and a fly speed of 60 feet, you could move up to 15 feet on land and up to 30 feet flying as part of the same action. You cannot use more than two speeds as part of the same action.

Hide: If you have some form of cover or concealment, or if you have created a diversion with the Bluff skill or another ability, you can make a Stealth check to attempt to Hide. If creatures have line of sight to you and you lack cover or concealment from them, you cannot Hide from them; however, you may be able to Hide from other creatures.

The Hide action itself does not provoke attacks of opportunity, but if your Stealth check fails your movement does.

Movement and Hiding: You can move up to half your speed while Hiding, or at full speed if you take a -5 penalty. If you do not move or attack at all during your turn, you gain a +10 circumstance bonus on your Stealth check. If you have cover or concealment at the end of your turn, you remain hidden. If you end your turn without cover or concealment, you are no longer hidden.

Sniping: If you already have successfully used Stealth and are at least 10 feet away from your target. You can use the Hide action immediately after using the Attack action with a ranged weapon. You take a -10 penalty on your Stealth check when doing so, and you can only move 5 feet as part of this Hide action.


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