Counting the Spooky-Woo From One to Ten

Dungeon delving is the bread and butter, nay, the lifeblood of an adventuring soul. More often than not, there is a wizard, they are doing some wizarding things, the local town has some concerns about the goblins eating all of their snowberry bushes…and, well, their children, and someone goes and hires some adventurers to look into the issue. Most of the time, these dungeons, ancient towers, ruins from a time forgotten and whatnot are the run of the mill sort of dungeons with the average goblins, traps, and ogres lumbering about doing their own thing, and following the orders of the big boss there at the final, deepest level of the dungeon.

However, sometimes, occasionally there is something a bit, well, spookywoo about the dungeon. Maybe the passages are just a bit too narrow, or perhaps there just a few too weird of monsters down there. That is where this supplement comes in. The monsters here-in are a set of creatures from CR 1 to CR 10. All of them have a weird twist or turn to their nature that makes them not quite what dungeoneers would expect. See that evil chicken thing over there; not your typical cockatrice. Maybe there are bunch’a crates walking around as if they were an animated creature. Did you just see a gelantinous cube? Is that one of our friends stuck there inside of it?

Naw… Better get out of here just and get while the getting is good. That is what this supplement is all about; spicing up those early stages of adventuring with something a li’ different. Something…a lil’ spooky-woo.

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