Dark Age: Legends – Vikings

An expansion which can be used for Dark Age: Legends (available here) or for Dark Age: Bushido (available here)

The formidable Vikings make a fulfilling addition to any Adventure. Brutal but observant, intelligent but ruthless, the Vikings were an enigma to those who did not care to earn their respect.

In an alternate history where the Viking culture resisted conversion to Christianity, their true potential may become revealed. Will time temper the hearts of these fearsome warriors, or will a renewed zeal for the Old Norse ways spur them onward?

Included within this Expansion are four new Vocational Axioms (Classes) giving access to 19 new Techniques/Traits. There are also new Weapons and Armour to add to the existing Dark Age armoury.


In 1132 the seafaring peoples known as the Vikings are thriving. Being the last European power to reject Christianity, their methods of survival have intensified. Though the remnents of the Danelaw in England are diminishing, the Vikings have kept a unified Scandinavia, banding together to resist Christendom and those who serve the Pope. 

King Magnus IV of Scandinavia has issued a decree that those who who are able to gain a sustainable foothold and restore the glory days of Viking conquest on foreign shores, shall be rewarded with titles, lands, and their seat in Valhalla. 

The subject of derision from the rest of the Known World due to the percieved brutality of their methods, the Vikings share an uneasy peace with their European and Russian neighbours. 

With trade routes secure to distant Eastern lands and settlements as far afield as across the Atlantic Sea, the potential for a new Viking expansion is clear.

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