DGtB The Black Needle


Delver’s Guide to Bosses is designed for use on your phone. Each edition of the guide features a legendary boss and the tactics that boss uses. These can be used to drop right into your game. The idea is to save time for Dungeon Master’s and provide original monsters, NPC’s and bosses for the game. Each boss is unique and designed to be a fun but challenging encounter. I would love to hear back from you on how you used them in your game.

“If you want to go hunting the hunter, I would choose someone else. Black Needle is known to few criminal circles. Crime lords hire him when they have no other options. He is an assassin with few equals. Tales say he is impossibly swift and a master with his bow. He leaves his victims writhing, poison finishes those that his arrows do not. He is single minded, striking at his target relentlessly. Those that hire him know that the gold is well spent. He will not stop until his quarry is dead and so far, he has never failed.”     – Bounty Hunter Axegol

The Black Needle is a legendary goblin assassin for your 4th level characters.

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