Dragon Barrow Encounter Essentials

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Creators Venatus Maps and Printable Heroes have teamed up to provide essential tabletop content that will vastly improve your gameplay experience for the various encounters found within the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure module. All together, this product contains:

  • A massive 53×40 square map visualizing the Burial Mound of the Dragon Barrow
  • A similar 28×25 square map detailing the Catacombs of the Dragon Barrow
  • Variants of each including with or w/o grid, labels, VTT, and a night version for the Burial Mound
  • Incredible miniatures for NPC Xanth the Centaur, the Skeletal Horse players can discover within the catacombs, and the Will-o-wisps they’ll fight to reach it.

Miniatures arrive in an easy-to-print PDF for use at the table or as circular VTT tokens so that they can be used exactly as you need them. Miniatures also arrive in Cutfile variations tailor made for use with a cutting machine

Burial Mound Preview

Catacombs Preview

This product is priced at $3.00


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