Feast of Feather: The Bone Lord Chronicles V.3

The small hamlet of Shadn Valley has quieted down since their recent annual Pumpkin Harvest Festival. After the horrific return of the Bone Lord during those events, everyone in town is looking forward to a simple and peaceful Feast of Feather. While the Pumpkin Festival is a time to celebrate the harvest with games, parties, tournaments, and more, the Feast of Feather is when the village quietly gives thanks for the food they were able to harvest that year. They mark this with delicious feasts. Unlike the festival, however, individuals and families each have their own private feast in their homes. It is believed that their individual meals along with their humble songs of thanks will raise up to the Gods and grant them another abundant year as well as a safe and mild winter. The locals say is that the great Winter Raven whom controls the weather as it transitions from fall into cold months. They often decorate with feathers and leaves and other items you often see caught up in the late autumn wind as a tribute to this God. The hope is, if they appease the Winter Raven, the coming snows and cold will be mild and bearable.

Feast of Feather is an adventure module for the Micro Chapbook Roleplaying game system set in the mountain village of Shadn Valley in the region of Hellick Water. It is the third volume in the Bone Lord Chronicles story arc. Thus, this adventure may be played on its own or as a part of the larger campaign series of books. 

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