Fighter Fred and the Very Elfy Journey

The Silverleaf Forest is cursed by an eternal winter. Twilight the elf must save his people by delivering the Amulet of Spring!

But what if simply handing over a shiny quest object isn’t enough? What if the elves can only be saved by a fellowship of epic heroes?

Well, that would be too bad for them. Twilight’s friends are not epic heroes. Twilight’s friends are a barbarian who advertises underwear, a thief who insists she’s a round-eared elf, and a mage who believes the answers to all life’s questions can be found in The Adventurer’s Guide.

Fortunately, they are also friends with Fighter Fred, the only guy cheerful enough to hold this fellowship together on their very elfy journey. Along the way, they’ll fight monsters, burn things down, and collect experience points, because in Fighter Fred’s world, that’s what good friends do.

Looking for Book 1? Read Fighter Fred and the Dungeon of Doom!

Complete novel. Book 4 in the Fighter Fred series. Formatted as mobi and epub.

This product is priced at $2.99


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