FREE This month!

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If you took part in the Comic, you will receive a Coupon to order your StarGuard Printed Comic for FREE!

If you did not, worry not!…

Check your Tier to see what you get FREE as there is a lot this month! 

I will also be included in this months pack Coupons to order FREE PDF of the Comic if you are eligible. 

Also a coupon for these Art Cards for FREE!:

Also, Pantheon Supporters will receive Coupons to order their FREE Poster too:

So much stuff!! Just from the Comic side of things, of course, you will be receiving tokens, perks, encounters, rules etc… Maybe more if we are lucky to get more Patreons!

So please, please tell your friends to get them on board!

Cannot do any of this without you all.. You are Awesome!

GM Draeus


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