Like I Give A BLEEP (The Life and Times of a Mad Scientist)

Whether human or alien, become a master of parascience and violating so-called natural limits. Portrary characters like everyone’s favorite doctor, fan favorite grumpy grandpa, and other rule-bending inventors, thinkers, and researchers! 

Genre and style flexible! As easily play a straight-faced game of serious ethical consideratitons as a wild, surrealist comic romp through time and space. Emulate your favorite mad scientist and wild inventor-adventurer cartoons, movies, and TV shows. Lean into whatever feel and style you love.

Uses a complete unified build of the Motif Game Framework, featuring the Motif Story Engine (solo RPG toolkit), Motif Character Engine (character/player emulator), and the Motif Action Engine (quickplay RPG system). The main rolls only use three standard six-sided dice. It produces interesting answers and rich results without complex charts to reference. A player facing system where only players roll, with NPCs and circumstances having consequences for player character failure.

Tuned for solo roleplaying! BLEEP includes story and character engines to provide a complete GM-ulator experience. It also provides modules for story plotting mysteries, handling story momentum, and introducing twists and turns. NPCs are quick to generate and obvious to run, but are additionally supported by a character engine to add uncertainty to their responses.

Exceed the laws of nature and explore a new world of possibilities! Enjoy a fast-paced, narrative-focused, free-flowing style as you pursue scifi, futurist fantasy, weird fiction, and comedic stories. 

Key Features

  • Motif Story Engine based 3d6 system, simple yet deep
  • Player-facing resolution; only players roll.
  • Rules and guidance for building NPCs and NPC actions
  • Character Engine
  • Mysteries patch for guiding investigations and hidden knowledge problems
  • Twists & Turns patch for introducing story twists
  • Pendulum patch, creating swinging momentum
  • Example NPCs

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This is a “backer” style edition. All future PDF updates included in purchase.

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