Map Archives Update

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Remember a few days ago when I reformatted the Compilation Post to make mass-downloading easier and better for organization? Well I’ve got another much-needed quality of life update to share with you: a complete overhaul of the Map Archive!

The new Map Archive can be found here! 

Previously we had been using a combination of Reddit posts like this one to try and keep track of things and while it was certainly helpful, it lacked a lot of the punch for what I felt like we really needed. This new archive is effectively a database of every map or asset I’ve ever made in one place and with the ability to filter by map type, where it’s available, see them grouped by particular collections or even themes! 

I know ease-of-access updates like this aren’t as enthralling as a map release, but I think it’s really important that I do my best to try and make sure the content remains accessible as the months go by, particularly as new supporters join. 

Hope you enjoy!


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