MikWewa Maps – Encounters

What do you need the most when you craft your session? We know that

you tailor every tiny bit to perfection, but there is always that bard/sorcerer

misfit who strays the party from the path intended!

We have made 9 unique and wonderfully generic encounter maps to

accompany any campaign. Whether they’re lost in the desert ruins,

fighting the celestial battle in the high skies or simply camping in the

mythical forest clearing, these maps will definitely come in handy

in any story.


VTT and print-ready battlemap pack from MikWewa duo. 9 unique maps

for every session. Cover travel, open space, various deserts, forests,

beach, sea, cliffs and more. Use these map to fill the travelling gap and

potentially unlock more mysteries.


There are total of 3 ZIP downloads:

1. 300dpi (with 140px square grid) digital maps for poster printing and tabletop

screens and TVs

2. 72 dpi (with 140px square grid) digital maps for any VTT. All maps are under 5mb

3. 300dpi (with 140px square grid) separate gridded maps in PDF format for


NOTE: Night versions, gridded and gridless variants of every map is included


Map Info:

Resolution: 3500x3500px
Grid: 25×25 @ 140px
Variants: Forest Clearing, Sea, Sky, Desert, Snow, Forest Stream, High Cliff, Hilltop and Beach
Versions: Day, night, gridded, gridless


Check out the map preview below:

Gridded Day Map


Gridless Day Map


Gridded Night Map


Enjoy your adventuring!

Mikey & Wewa

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