NeMoren’s Vault 20th Anniversary Edition (5E)

Kragor tomb

NeMoren’s Vault is a fantasy roleplaying adventure designed for four or five starting characters, but can be easily modified to present a challenge to larger groups or more powerful characters. 

Designed as an ideal launching point for a new campaign, this adventure takes place in the West Wood Barony, a region on the borderlands between the mostly-human kingdom of Kalendia and the elven forest nation of Arboria. While the area plays an important role in the history of this adventure and the larger world of Karathis, this region is generic enough to be dropped into virtually any campaign setting. You can easily modify town and character names and alter historical facts to suit your own camapign world.

Included with this adventure are printable character and monster counters, player handouts, maps, and pre-generated characters for “out of the box” action.

Secrets of the Vault

This adventure was originally released in 2000 at the very start of the D20 boom, one of the first third-party supplements for 3rd Edition. This new 20th Anniversary Edition has been updated for the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game, and includes updated and enhanced art and expands the adventure with the Quest for Amelia material.


Can all sins be forgiven?

Can even death stop the thirst for revenge?

Find out – when you enter

NeMoren’s Vault

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