OK RPG is a minimal RPG engine with a few special design goals: simplicity, completeness, and player investiture. It strives to be:

  • Appropriate for any age. The rules are simple to read, understand, and master.  The game assumes no experience with RPGs, There is also a kids version that uses language calibrated to be appropriate for 2nd grade readers according to the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test and the Lexile Framework.
  • A rules system that is completely closed. OK RPG never needs interpretations or “house rules”, because the rules are designed to handle any situation.
  • Inclusive and agency-forward. The rules make sure all the players have narrative agency and uses mechanical elements to tie players to the story.
  • Streamlined. The basic mechanic is ludicrously simple,  using only 3 normal dice and consisting of just a few core rules. OK RPG is designed to get the rules out of the way of the narrative fun.

Great for: an introductory RPG, independent younger players, school & counseling settings, adult groups who like goofing around and telling a story more than following rules. and RPG enthusiasts who like uncomplicated and elegant systems.

Give it a whirl, be nice, & have fun!

This product is priced at $2.00


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