Quite the Pickle – A Saltmarsh Adventure

Just about every community, big or small, civilized or seedy, has at least one popular tavern. Folks may go there to relax or to look for work, to celebrate or to mope, to learn the latest or to forget. And while some may be willing to travel far from the comfort of their favorite watering hole in search of adventure, in the seaside town of Saltmarsh, they may not have to.

At the Snapping Line Inn and Tavern:

  • Enjoy food, drink, gossip, a darts competition, and maybe a rousing bar fight.
  • Participate in a gambling night. Watch out for pirates!
  • Stop a dark ritual to save an innocent—and yourselves.
  • Come to the rescue when there’s an accident by the pier—and the predators arrive.

Four linked encounters around a pier-side tavern for characters of levels 5-10.

Playable individually, scattered throughout another campaign, or together as a four-to-six-hour adventure.

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Contents include:

  • A 54-page complete, illustrated adventure (composed of four mini-adventures), including covers, a linked table of contents, handouts, all needed creature statistics, maps, and more!
  • A “print-friendly” version of the above with background graphics and most illustrations removed, to save you ink when printing.
  • A separate document with Monster-Manual-style entries for the 3 original creatures in this adventure (4 stat blocks), complete with illustrations and descriptive text.
  • The original single-page version which won Best Urban Adventure in the The Lonely Scroll Adventure Contest: Saltmarsh.
  • All maps are included as both separate vector image PDF files and 70 dpi PNG files (with transparent backgrounds), in both DM- and Player-levels of detail, with and without grids.  This allows you to print high resolution maps either poster size at 1-inch scale (using the Poster print option and taping the sheets together) or one map per page, and easy import into your favorite VTT (Virtual Tabletop application) for easy online play.

Extra effort made to make this product as accessible as possible.  Illustrations include alt-text descriptions and care has been taken that text (even on the covers) is selectable and works with Acrobat Reader’s “Read Aloud” function.  If there is more I can do to make this more accessible for screen readers and such, please let me know!

ALL proceeds (save 5% the DMs Guild needs for various processing and maintenance fees) are donated directly to Extra Life to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Editing and layout by the amazing Laura Hirsbrunner!

Thanks to all who donated their time, talents, and efforts to make this project something special.  You know who you are (and are in the credits)!

I hope you have a blast running and/or playing this adventure!

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This product is priced at $4.95


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