Spells for Sterling

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*A full magic system for the Swords for Sterling RPG. Nothing else is needed to add a wide variety of major and minor spell users to your core rules.

*126 iconic, old school style spells that can be cast again and again in a flexible spell point system where each player can learn spells and cast them as desired.

*An expanded list of 40 Callings provides templates for a wide array of Spellcasters and Scouts including classic archetypes like Clerics, Wizards, Paladins, Rangers, Sorcerers and Rogues.

*Additional rules for character creation provides for spell selection and a full explanation of using Favour and Vigour to power spells.

*Extra descriptions of combat show how to incorporate spells into fights in both common and creative ways.

*Full rules for learning new spells and getting more points of the Favour and the Mana that power spells as your character grows in experience.

*Much faster and simpler spell rules than those included in original OpenD6 and much greater flexibility than the original game that inspired these iconic spells.

NOTE: This is not a standalone game. The Swords for Sterling RPG rules are needed to play.

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