Spitter from Dread Nautical

Spitters give dungeon masters a horrifying path to introducing challenging status effects and more complicated battle scenarios for players. Each spitter–whether it’s the base spitter or the more deadly infernal or putrid spitter–will force players to rethink their battle tactics and to fear the mouths of every enemy they encounter for the rest of their careers.

This free resource contains three varieties of spitters as well as suggestions for how to fairly incorporate these dangerous foes into your campaign, balancing difficulty with player experience.

About Dread Nautical:

Dread Nautical is a Lovecraftian tactical roguelike from Zen Studios available on all major gaming platforms. Though it’s a video game, the design of enemies and encounters have strong tabletop inspirations, which is why we are converting many of those enemies to 5e-friendly materials for tabletop fans to download and enjoy. This is one of several from 5e resources adapted from Zen Studios titles and is a celebration of Dread Nautical coming to Steam and to GOG!

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