State of the Dragon #117

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PATREON: Staying the course for now. Feel free to grab those stream drafts here, and anything else that pops up!

DISCORD: Come on in to the Discord and hang out if you’re not already there! I try to make myself available there a fair amount, so it’s a good place to interact with me and hang out with some other cool folks in the community.

STREAMING: So, we missed our stream last Friday, due to me being sick. it was kind of unavoidable, and it’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. That said, we started off strong this week with our writing stream. VOD and draft for that is up, btw. Probably more writing this Friday, but I’ll be giving some thought to what I want to do with that. And remember, we’re on downcycling for Twitch until the end of the year, so if you want streams to keep coming, show up where you can, help get the word out with a share on social media or by just telling a friend. Whatever you want to do. And if the stream aren’t your thing, no worries. We’ll just direct that energy elsewhere if it doesn’t pan out.

ALONE AGAINST THE TIDE: What’s this being dusted off here? One of Drac’s first professional projects from forever ago? Oh nothing, just Chaosium’s newest Call of Cthulhu scenario.

So that’ll be out in a couple of days. I encourage you all to check it out. It’s a fun solitaire adventure for Call of Cthulhu, and super easy to get into, even if you’ve never played CoC before.

DIRE MONGOOSES: So, I got the maps done and did a little extra cleanup, and this got published earlier today. I kept it printer-friendly in black and White, so it should be pretty easy to use. It’s on and DrivethruRPG, but I’ll drop an itch link for y’all since I generally prefer people go there.

Of course if you’re a patron here, you’ve still got access to the original draft, so you might already have it in some form. I do think the revisions helped clear up a couple things, but the original is still perfectly usable too.

OTHER PROJECTS: I went ahead and punched through a commission or two this past week, and I’ve only got one I’m sitting on right now, so I think things will be a little light on that bit of the workload. Fortunately, I’ve got some other stuff to do. I’m eyeing a submission to a fiction anthology, so that’ll be a great way to dust off those fiction writing skills, and it seems right up my alley. I might do some independent fiction though, not sure yet, still need to knock out some planning on that front. Of course, I may just push on with converting more of those stream drafts into proper products, that’s a thing that may as well happen. I did also mention the possibility of pushing out a larger side project soon, but admittedly I’m still lagging behind on that a little bit too, but it’s strongly in the works. So basically, we’re playing roulette to see which of these actually get done while the others get backburnered and done later. Just depends on my workload and mood. But they’ll all get done.

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING: I was scheduled to do Zweihander this past weekend, but again I was sick, so we had to dip on that. Likely won’t pick back up until December. Still looking to start up my own thing, so I’ll see where that goes maybe, if I don’t end up putting it off again to get more work done. Other than that, I’ll be trying to avoid a Thanksgiving gathering to the best of my ability, and trying to manage a few personal affairs that require my attention. But overall things are looking okay right now.

We’ll wrap things up there for now. Thanks for giving a read, glad to have you here, and I’ll have more for you next time.


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