The Awakening

These heroes are the stuff of legend.  Their names are whispered with awe in reverent conversations.  Call them back from their castles and keeps; dust off their armour. 

Dragonbane amber has been unearthed.  The legendary mineral with the power to weaken and kill dragons has made its way to Faerun.  The same dark power has conceived a way to awaken and control a tarrasque.

The world needs heroes.  Just one more time.


The Awakening is a 2 session, 6 hour adventure for 17th-20th level characters (tier 4).  PCs will revel in role play and intrigue, before testing themselves against the DnD world’s greatest challange – the tarrasque (CR30).   Not for the feint hearted.  


This adventure is dedicated to a dear friend who died suddenly this year.  We played this wonderful game together for 38 years, and I hope it does him justice in some small way.

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