The Veinsplicer: An Unofficial Class for 5e

A gnome paints on a street corner, filling his canvas with an array of crimson shades. It’s beautiful. He paints frantically– is he looking a bit pale? What kind of paint is he using? I don’t see a pallet anywhere… nor any paint….

Originally artists or craftspeople, veinsplicers begin to toil over their art until their very life force becomes a medium for their artistic guile. Becoming able to shift and manipulate their own blood into sculptures or other products, the artisan’s mind becomes warped as they seek to perfect their art.

Meant to bring a little bit of madness and variety to a Constitution-based playstyle, this class contains three archetypes designed to facilitate a variety of players:

  • The Weaver: Designed as a faux-mage and summoner, this archetype specializes in crowd-control while maintaining a base amount of offensive capabilities.
  • The Marionnette: Originally modelled after a bloodbender from Avatar: the Last Airbender, this archetype morphed over time into more of a support class with some healing capabilities.
  • The Butcher: This archetype is modeled to maxemize the pure offensive capabilities of the class while maintaining an imposing presense on the battlefield. Inspired by horror monsters like Pyramid Head, the Butcher is meant to strike fear into any enemy you come across.

Author’s Note:  The Veinsplicer is my first attempt at a homebrew class, so I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please let me know on Twitter (@OutlandDND) or just leave a comment here! Also feel free to support my Patreon for more content! Any chance I have to improve my writing is good to put toward my next project.

This purchase also includes three bonus VTT tokens of some of the additional creatures in this class.

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