The Watcher’s Keep

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The Watcher’s Keep
Still only .99! (That’s for you Marvel Comics!)

Created by Michael Startzman (No Thank You, Evil, The Strange Bestiary, The Ninth World Bestiary) with Adam Craft (Lostlorn). 

The Watchers are a fanatical sect just getting a foothold in the Southern Hemisphere.  As their numbers grow, they spread across the land occupying abandoned structures – using them to watch everywhere and especially the cosmos for signs of things to come and take action when they deem it necessary.    

You can’t even get chicken nuggets for $.99.  But here’s what you can get:

  • Play at home by yourself or on our Discord server with a friend – or three.
  • 4 full color battlemaps full of secrets and danger.
  • 1 Diabolical new beastie!
  • A set of uncharted maps of the Keep for creating your own volume of danger squares!

This product is priced at $0.99


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