Titan Effect RPG: Operation Mnemosyne

Operation Mnemosyne is a short adventure for Titan Effect RPG.

The operatives go on a dangerous mission in Iceland to infiltrate a data center belonging to the Olympians, and to recover vital information. They will have to deal with heavy security composed of ARES contractors and deadly chimera soldiers. But inside, the operatives will make a sinister discovery, forcing them to make a difficult choice.

Note: An older version of this adventure is already featured in The Savage Sign 01. This new version has been edited (correcting typos) and includes a map.

*** About Titan Effect ***

Titan Effect RPG is an espionage and science fiction setting for Savage Worlds.

Take on the role of a trained operative gifted with psychic abilities and fight against genetically enhanced soldiers and shadowy organizations in a secret war in which the future of human evolution is at stake.

Titan Effect RPG requires the Savage Worlds core rules and the Super Powers Companion (2nd edition) to play.

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