To Undo the Glue

A truly thoughtful and goofy adventure in all the best ways that shows the light in the Dark, appearances and motivations can be deceiving, and you better wish you don’t get yourself stuck together with sovereign glue.

-Curse of Sebs (@CurseofSebs)

A 4th to 6th level goofy adventure featuring an open-world playground dungeon!

“Hey, did you hear what happened to Beni Firmhand? The dope glued their hands together. With the good stuff. They’ve got folks all over the place asking for help. Apparently their wife Beatrice gets back in the morning and they don’t wanna be caught with, uh… sticky fingers, so they’re looking for adventurers to go check out that old church of… Sune, yeah. Dunno what’s up with that, the folks there seem alright. Something weird’s afoot, or should I say a-hand? Haha… Sorry.”

A stained-glass rendering of an orange kitten, curled up asleep.

Eccentric noble Beni Firmhand has glued their hands together with sovereign glue, which can only be undone with a wish or a rare magic item. Beni has learned that a djinni can be found at the nearby Church of Sune and sends the characters in to beg for help. Inside they’ll find cathedral cats, fiendish strangers, and a whole lot of relationship drama.

To Undo the Glue includes the following:

  • 23-page full color PDF of the adventure.
  • Printer and screen-reader friendly PDFs.
  • A 21-area playground dungeon: the Second Church of Sune.
  • A player and DM map of the dungeon, with an additional battlemap for the final encounter.
  • 24-minutes of original, PWYW music with suggestions for use in the campaign.

So much thanks to Ashley Warren and the RPG Writer Workshop for helping this come to fruition, and to my wonderful artist, Eli Depper (stainedglasshoard on Tumblr)!

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