Wesali’s Demon

Long Ago in  the just blossoming city-state of Wesali, a magical experiment to connect Wesali to Sittindel a province to the north-west, by portal, had failed and instead opened a gate to a demonic dimension releasing a lesser demon known as Eshabin and his armies across the continent of Syvyn. Four Heroes rose and fought back against Eshabin and his demon hoard all across Syvyn, after long hard fought battles The hero’s finally succeeded, but only with the help of the Dwarves of Dorrenfore, who forged two magical keys,inside their volcanic home, to seal the portal of Wesali. One key was left in Wesali as a reminder of the past and to look forward, the other was lost in time. After the war of Eshabin, Wesali was left broken. Many tiefling children were born and abandoned all across the continent, they were either killed on sight or left in Wesali to die. It was one brave person, who remains a mystery, that was able to rally others to help rebuild the once great city- state of Wesali back to its prime, in time learning to accept the children and people who will be part of their society one day and forever on. The gnomes especially took great interest in Wesali and all it had to offer. Many have accepted the fate of their changed world and knew there were more changes to come , except for the dwarves of Dorrenfore who condemned Wesali for their demon heritage, until now…

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