Whispers of Crenshinibon

In the years following the fall of Cryshal-Tirith at Kelvin’s Cairn, looters, scavengers, and dungeon delvers — possessing an even weaker mind than the villainous cast involved with its demise in Icewind Dale — sought these ruins and its other crystal towers for a potential windfall.

What they found instead was a needy, wind-tossed plea for help, the sterile whimpers of a fractured sentience anxious for freedom.

It’s been more than a century since the diabolical Crenshinibon made its appearance in Icewind Dale, yet this foul irritating voice on the air—weaving its dark melody—smacks of that vile artifact’s influence. But how can this be? Crenshinibon was destroyed!

Venture back to Icewind Dale and survive the relic’s charms to uncover the truth behind the dark melody before the crystal shard can rise again. When you finally reach the dark and vile relic, what will you do with it?


Whispers of Crenshinibon is a Tier 1 to Tier 2 adventure set in the Rime of the Frostmaiden season.

* More than 12 new monsters

* Maps to explore

* In-adventure scaled encounters for expanded play

* Includes two battles for use with the Unearthed Arcana When Armies Clash rules

* Mass Combat Variant Rule: Badges 

This product is priced at $19.95


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