Xboat Special Supplement 1

Welcome to Xboat!

This is a science fiction fanzine, with most of the material suggested by fans who love Traveller. It’s about discussion, example, and bold ideas.

Great Content…

This particular issue deals entirely with “aliens”, that is, sophont peoples.  These Traveller aliens are summarized, and contain enough information to generate and play an alien character of these types:

* Amindii (species native to the world Regina)

* Aslan

* Bwap

* Clothian/Cetian (a backer-submitted species)

* Droyne

* Hiver

* K’kree

* Llellewyloly

* Robots as player characters

* Shrieker (species native to the world 567-908)

* Vargr

…And Beautiful Artwork!

Illustration is half of inspiration. My fantastic backers made it possible to jam in a generous helping of quality art into every issue.

I have leveraged the experienced and capable Tim Osborne, whose aliens are simply fantastic.

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