Zavix’s Book of Everything (5e)

My work in progress book that i will keep growing up when the feedback comes and my ideas are finished. This book contain 13 Spells and 3 subclasses for now, while 2 subclasses, more spells, and magic items to be added.

  • 2 subclasses published previously.
  • 1 brand new Ranger subclass.
  • 13 new spells.
  • (W.I.P) A Subclass for bard named College of Animal Charming (Placeholder).
  • (W.I.P) A Subclass for Figther named Devilblade.
  • (W.I.P) Magic Items, most of themed more comedic, such as Ring of Shocking Grasp.
  • (W.I.P) More spells, most themed after the nine hells and other with a more comedic theme.
  • (W.I.P) Monsters, such as a Petrified Mind Flayer.
  • (W.I.P) Races, and variant Races such as Firbolg Shadowspeaker and Kenku Leaf-Feathers
  • (Maybe in the future) An adventure themed after forest exploration. 

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