College of The War Drum ( Bard Subclass )


Bard College: College of the War Drum

Far in the distance, two armies approach of either side of a valley. One of these, with soldiers covered in red garments, moves as one, as a single voice shouts rhythmic commands. A few moments later, the soldiers clash with their enemies, and above the screams and the metallic sound of crashing weapons, you can still hear the powerful banging of drums. The red army’s victory is absolute. Today, the commanding bard is the author of the overwhelming victory, and his deeds will forever be remembered by his fellow men.


Fundamental to great armies and ceremonies, War Drummer bards issue commands over infantryman, setting a harmonious travel pace, or a constant rowing speed. During a fight, everyone is waiting for the next order their bard companion is going to issue. Ready to shift the battlefield to their party’s advantage, these excellent combatants are essential to any war worth fighting.

Either through hitting a drum or winding a horn, the leadership and confidence these bards exude conquer them the respect and loyalty of allies, friends and armies. They usually possess a military background, making them great fighters and tactical masterminds.

The College’s members usually get their skills from veterans who once stood atop an army, absolute legends to some men who could swear they felt their magical words imbue them with strength and speed they otherwise wouldn’t dream to possess.

About Us:

Pedro Moura

I’m a 28 year old portuguese game designer and I’ve been a
DM for 9 years, starting in 4th edition and continuing to
5th edition. As DM I have made many mistakes and
learned a lot. I’ve mastered games for characters level 1 to
20, and will continue making even more games!

Pedro Cunha

My name is Pedro Cunha, a 27-year-old biologist that fell
into the world of Dungeons and Dragons in 2011, along with
Pedro Moura and our other friends. We grew together as
players and Dungeon Masters, but Moura and I were the two
that most enjoyed the process of character creation and

Lately, Moura has often asked me for help in designing and
creating new homebrew content. At first, I was just giving
some input and extra ideas, but as I dug deeper I started
enjoying myself more and now we’re here: creating awesome
content together, for us and you!


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