Blood In Woodhaven Part 2: The Savage Folk

Blood in Woodhaven Part 2: The Savage Folk is the second gripping adventure of a five part campaign (releasing weekly) which immerses players in a dark and morally complex world. This product includes: 

– A complete 4-hour adventure for 3rd-5th level characters, which can be run as a one shot or the second adventure of a five part campaign.

– Lore and background on the unique world of Aurelia, a brand-new fantasy setting for running games of 5th edition.

– Guidelines for running dark fantasy adventures that strike a refreshing new tone for your table.

– New unique enemy NPC stat blocks including the Hobgoblin Scout, Plague Bearer and mindless berserker named Roggevil.

– A detailed region map of Woodhaven’s surrounds.

– Dungeon maps and detailed battlemaps to help you visualise your adventure.

Remember, the world of Aurelia is not black and white. Darkness lurks wherever the light of the sun does not reach, oftentimes in the hearts of the commonfolk.

This product is priced at $2.20


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