Hunted: Shadow Thief Book 2

The grate lock gives, and you push it open and climb through. Then with a start you realise you are standing in a vestibule atop a tall, marble clad spire, in the centre of the Amaldi City itself. You look down over the many marble buildings and their stained glass windows. The early morning light reflects off the white stone and coloured glass so that it almost blinds you.


You are staggered to realise that the exit from that evil chamber ended up here. Then you remember the words of Iniesta, who you found close to death in the cells.


“There….is a great…..evil in Laeveni. The man in charge of this blockhouse is one of …. Its chief lieutenants… but the true head of the dragon has yet to be revealed. You must stop this power, as it threatens not just the Guild, but the whole of Laeveni itself….even Most Holy……Visit the Apothecary on Singing Avenue, and ask for Livia. She can tell you more”


You know the chief lieutenant has become something more than human in the catacombs under the Holy City. You shudder when you realise the implications that high level members of the One True Church may be involved, in a plan that threatens not just your life, but possibly all life in Laeveni.

In this new gamebook, the sequel to Shadow Thief 1: Jailbreak, you make the decisions and decide how you are going to try to stop the an ancient evil from invading your city. Armed with only a pencil, a set of dice, and lots of paper, can you survive your journey into the Hellscape and potentially save the world.

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