One Page Solo Engine

One Page Solo Engine is a minimal, all-in-one toolkit to play your favorite tabletop RPGs without a GM.  It was designed to be incredibly concise and minimalistic, but still have all the essential tools required to play a game without a GM.  It provides tools for scene framing, action pacing, unexpected results, random events, answering questions, and generating setting-neutral content for things like quests, NPCs, dungeons, and more.

There are a great many excellent tools out there to run a solo RPG game, but I always found that many of them are overly complicated.  You shouldn’t have to read a dozen pages of rules and make 10 dice rolls just to determine what the guards in a room are doing.  One Page Solo Engine is designed to provide every tool needed to run a solo game using any game system while using as few words as humanly possible.

One Page Solo Engine is free to use and share.  We hope you will use it to experience the many exciting adventures solo roleplaying has to offer.  It is released on the CC-BY-SA license, so it is free to use, adapt, and include in your own works, even commercially, as long as you provide credit.

Check out Inflatable Studios on for an online implementation of these rules that allows you to type in your adventure as you play and export your adventure log to share with others.

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