Rangers done! plus update and December theme

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November has been a hugely disrupted month and with the Patreon numbers still down I’ve been working away on some commission work to stay financially buoyant.  Sadly I can’t show you any of the work at the moment but as soon as the clients are ready to show it I’ll share the renders with you and let you know where you can get it. 

I’m on with the rogues now and the Noob level one is almost finished and ready for posing.  Being so close to the end of the month it seems unlikely that I’ll get any extras done during November, so to give me a chance to catch up and keep on track with my Kickstarter plans for February, I’ll be spending December and January preparing models for it (including square bases!) 

So during December and January I’ll be focussing on the Knightly orders, Kingsguard rangers and the remaining characters from the FF4 set.

The office is complete now and I’m trying to get moved in but its a slow process sorting everything and physically moving everything down there.  I’ll share some photos of the finished workspace once its all set up, but it will soon be back to normal productivity ready for the new year (FINALLY!)


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