Sci-Fi Map: Lich Queen’s Throne Room


Lich Queen’s Throne Room

Atop her endless spire, the Lich Queen rules over her subjects. A select few have the privilege of dueling in her throne room to prove themselves worthy disciples.

Overall, it’s the perfect map for your party’s paladin to duel their father in.

Map Details

A digital 31 x 31 map with a simple painterly style. Contains a throne room, elevator shaft, private sanctum, and two empty rooms for DMs to personalize. Raised walkways connect each section of the map. Ideal for use with SWN, Traveller, Star Wars, or other science fiction games.

What You Get

A zip file with the following:

  1. 140px/inch jpg (ideal for VTT use)
  2. 70px/inch jpg (ideal for VTT use)
  3. 140px/inch high quality png (for poster printing and tabletop screen setups)

Each has gridded and gridless versions.

Map Preview

Lich Queen Throne Room preview