The Banneret

The waving fabric of a colorful banner breaks the crest of a hill top on the morning of a mounting battle. Tired volunteer soldiers cheer, as their prayers have been answered. On horseback, a human banneret accompanied by his allies join the battle to free the villagers from the savage oppression of goblin raiders.

Horns sound as a squire runs out ahead into a new village, signaling the arrival of a half-elven banneret. Hi banner signals the arrival of fresh produce and fair trade. Surely the local economy will boom with the influx of rare and exotic goods and treasures.

A proud half-orc charges forward with his banner at hand, he is the first to break the line. Using the solid metal shaft of his banner he clubs his way through his enemies before planting it at the top of a captured hill.

Bannerets stand tall as the symbol of the party. With their trusted and loyal squire, they wave their banners high for all to see. This motivates and inspires their allies, calling them together as not only as a band of adventures but as the embodiment of a noble ideal.

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