The Beast of Blemish

The good people of Blemish face a dire problem in the shape of a terrible dragon smashing their homes, razing their fields, and frightening away travelers and trade. None are foolish nor brave enough to stand against it, and all hope seems lost, until the timely arrival of fresh faces from out of town…

The Beast of Blemish is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure that could take place in any classic fantasy setting of your choice. This adventure is designed with new players in mind, who should begin with a party of four to six 1st-level characters, and advancing to 3rd level or higher by the adventure’s conclusion.

This 16-page product includes a colorful cast of NPCs, a detailed dungeon to explore, wilderness encounters, a new monster, magic item, hazard, and trap, and a guide for helping new DMs learn to adapt the adventure to fit the needs of their group. Relevant stock images from Dungeon Masters Guild Creator Resources are included to spur the imagination. 

Fight rats in the tavern’s basement! Explore a mysterious ruin! Hunt down a dragon! Make new friends (or enemies) in the unfortunate town of Blemish in this family-friendly, introductory, and highly modular adventure designed with new players in mind. Have fun!

Want to watch a recorded livestream of a group playing through this adventure? Check it out here! Or listen to the audio on the “Difficulty Class” podcast episode “Previously On: The Beast of Blemish.”

This product is priced at $4.99


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