The Coral Tower of Naaman al-Raman

Naaman was an elven sorcerer of great renown and magic of all varieties was his obsession. Not willing to rely on genies alone, but also not willing to ignore their wisdom and skill, he bridged the domains of Sha’ir and Sorcerer. Naaman even dedicated himself for several years to the worship of Zann The Learned exploring the divine mysteries of his clerics. His long life allowed him to extend his studies beyond those of shorter lived races and deepen both his understanding and skill.

None have heard anything of him in forty years and his legendary coral tower stands deserted. Occasionally the brave or foolhardy go to investigate in search of wealth but they do not return and the sensible give it, and the area around it, a wide berth.

Set in Forgotten Realms land of Zakhara this adventure should provide two sessions (around 8 hours) of play for fifth level characters.

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