The Expeditionary – An Original Class


“The Expeditionary is just pure fun, a true love letter to classic adventurers of all kinds.” Kai Linder, creator of Goblin Heist

“A masterful blend between the martial and the magical, the expeditionary is bursting with flavor. Conjuring up images of Indiana Jones, Laura Croft, and David Livingston, this class is perfect for any player who wants a thematic character with martial capabilities to defend themselves and the mental fortitude to solve the big problems facing the party. A treasure hunter, an emissary, a cartographer, and more, the expeditionary brings the often neglected role of exploration into the forefront and makes it a viable and dynamic option for a character. ” – Ryan Langr, creator of Grazilaxx’s Guide to Ancestry

“I’m not normally a proponent of new classes, but the Expeditionary seems like a really fun blend of styles, lending itself to an action hero along the lines of an Indiana Jones or a Chaucer-like chronicler that every party should want to have with them. The detail and diversity of options is outstanding!” Alan Tucker, writer on Through the Veil: Tales of the Feywild

“The Expeditionary fills the martial-shaped hole in your intellectual spirit. This class combines the lore of an explorer’s heart with a sage’s curiosity to create a travel-oriented intellectual that packs a punch. With six different subclasses to choose from, players can create an adventurer whose heart is in the journey!” Chris Hopper, author of Amarune’s Adventures: The Shardcaster of Yuirwood 



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