The Gladiator’s Circle: Khieron’s Keep Mission Deck 1

The Gladiator’s Circle is the first deck in the Khieron’s Keep Saga: a set of three decks with 9 storylines. These decks are designed to work with 5th edition(5e), and there is enough content in the decks to level a character from level 1 to level 17.

The story

Khieron’s Keep is an ancient structure with a dark history. The temple has been destroyed more than once but keeps reappearing. As you go through the missions, you will learn the secrets and tragic history of Khieron’s Keep and the souls it has claimed.

There are nine quests in the Khieron’s Keep Saga, broken into three tiers. As you progress through the tiers, the story grows as you explore the mysteries of the Keep and its long, brutal history.

                When you purchase a deck of a certain tier, you get a digital copy of the other two decks of that tier as well as access to the maps and story aspects through the app.


  1. The deck comes with Map cards, Trap cards, Encounter cards, Monster cards, NPC cards, Loot cards, and Boss cards. Make sure you have each ready, and any pdf given, before playing.
  2. Determine your party’s threshold for each type of encounter. Use the table to find the Easy, Medium, Hard, Deadly, and Too Far Limit XP for each party member, and then multiple those totals by the number of players to determine the difficultly range of encounters (You can also use a website like

Tier 1: Levels 1-4

The Gladiator’s Circle

Elishavan the Redeemer

Khieron’s Redemption

Tier 2: Levels 5-10

The Warlord

Hard Time

Khieron’s Conquest

Tier 3: 11-16

The Jester


Khieron’s Damnation

Mission Decks are a multi-purpose tabletop gaming tool developed by Nor Cal Mythos entertainment. There are two initial decks: Khieron’s Keep developed using the 5e open gaming license, and Haedus 8B created for NCM’s own Carbyne Jungle.

 Players adventure through the dungeon or base, facing horrific challenges, dealing with NPCs, and discovering the mysteries of the game. Each game is designed to last for one session, but also can be played repeatedly, delving deeper into the story, learning new secrets, or just playing for fun where the whole table can level and grow together. 

This product is priced at $9.99


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