The Voyagers Guide to Fann Province

The Voyagers Guide to Fann Province is a supplementary document for the Osmond Ward SRD, detailing the main setting location of the system – the province of Fann, on the world of noctis.

The Voyagers Guide to fann details the following:

An introduction to Fann Province, listing all of the need-to-know details on life on the province as well as its interpersonal struggles.

The Bloom, a corrupting magic force that blurs the lines between human and angelic monster, twisting the wielder into a shadow of their former self.

Homelands, detailing all of the available wards, their struggles, their geography, their exports, population sizes, etc.

Factions, detailing indepth the organizations present on Fann province and how they operate.

A writeup on Tack, the worlds scattered, ridiculous currency, formed of tokens, bills, and coins of a dozen odd forms.

And much more!

If a player wishes to utilize Osmond Ward to its fullest, this guide will allow them to do so, but this document is also written in a way that allows it to fit into several other systems, if the discerning dungeon master wishes to modify a few odd details.

The Cards are Down, the table is set, and the Dealer watches us all. Its time to play, ironwalker.

Welcome to Osmond Ward.

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