Two Bit Tables: Feasts for All Occasions – Picnics and Lunch

GM: As you enter the manor house For your meeting you can smell  a sumptuous lunch feast.

Players:  We make our way to the main hall and take a seat.

GM:  The lord of the house stands and begins to address the gathered crowd.

Player: I’m hungry, what’s available to eat?

GM:  Umm…


As discussed in the original Two Bit Tables: Feasts for All Occasions products, eating is one of the few shared human experiences.  People hold feasts to mark important occasions from births to deaths and all the holidays, wedding and celebration in between.  Feasting is truly the one thing that unites all races, cultures and creeds through our mutual love of food and enjoyment of company.  Unfortunately, in many games these most human of events are often glanced over and left without great detail. 

Never fear – your friends at Healing Fireball Publications are here to seize these missed opportunities with the Two Bit Tables: Feasts for All Occasions family of products.  This latest addition, Two Bit Tables: Feasts for All Occasions – Picnics and Lunch, concentrates on designing memorable midday meals.  With 14 Lunch-filled tables and a bonus section on how to use this product with previous products in the Feasts for All Occasions family this product is designed to bring life to any Picnic or Lunch meal.  All this and it’s only 50¢.

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